Meetings are held twice a month, usually

First Thursday of the month at

St. Mark's Episcopal Church

111 Oenoke Ridge

New Canaan, CT

Third Thursday of the month at

First Presbyterian Church

178 Oenoke Ridge

New Canaan, CT

7:00 - 9:00 PM

See websites below for current schedule

To support the development of the individual’s written personal job search plan, CaTS provides free, upbeat, and informative resources:

  • This web site containing instructions on how to develop a written personal job search plan and other information helpful to those in transition.
  • Opportunities to network with the CaTS team, their professional contacts, and workshop participants.
  • Access to one-on-one personal job search help for those in need of it.
  • New Canaan Cats
  • Facebook: New Canaan CATS

New Canaan Career Transition Support (“CaTS”) exists to encourage each job searcher to develop a WRITTEN personal job search plan that will facilitate a quicker, more successful change of employment.

Our Mission


New Canaan Career Transition Support (“CaTS”) consists of volunteers from two New Canaan, Connecticut churches--  First Presbyterian and St. Mark’s Episcopal--  who provide free, positive and informative assistance to those in job transition. The group was founded in 1989.

What is CaTS?

Are you actively looking for new employment opportunities?
Are you working but not happy?
Are you anticipating a change in your employment status?
Do you want to do something different, even pursue your dreams?

At New Canaan CaTS, we believe you can find work that you really like.  And WE CAN HELP!