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Exercise # 5--  Review Your Values

Values are things that you hold dear, things you want and need to protect. They change as circumstances change, so they need to be reviewed fairly often. They are important as you evaluate new opportunities because most organizations have cultures or shared values that are hard to identify. If you get into a situation where the culture or values are very different from yours, there could be a bad fit.

What follows is a list of values, with definitions following them. 

Identify and write down your six current most important values right now and your four least important; ones that can be traded off if appropriate.

When you get an offer, review the culture into which you are going against this list of your values.

Achievement--  sense of accomplishment, mastery
Adventure--  new and challenging experiences
Affection--  loving, caring
Appearance--  how one looks, feels
Competitiveness--  winning attitude, taking risks
Cooperative--  working well with others, teamwork
Creativity--  being imaginative, innovative
Economic Security--  steady, adequate income
Fame--  being famous, well known
Family Happiness--  domestic tranquility
Freedom--  independence, autonomy
Friendships--  strong relationships with others
Health--  physical and mental well-being, energy
Helpfulness--  assisting others, helping society
Inner Harmony--  being at peace with oneself
Integrity--  honesty, sincerity, standing up for one’s beliefs
Involvement--  participating with others, belonging
Leisure--  hobbies, sports, recreation, relaxing
Order--  stability, conformity, structure
Personal Growth--  having a career path, growing
Power--  control, authority, dominance
Recognition--  respect from others, status
Religion--  strong beliefs, spirituality
Responsibility--  accountability for results
Self-Respect--  pride, sense of positive personal identity
Sense of Humor--  wit, light touch
Wealth--  making money, getting rich
Wisdom--  understanding life, getting knowledge
World of Beauty--  appreciation of aesthetics, the arts
Others--  feel free to add to your list values not covered above