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Exercise # 9--  Analyze and Plan for Your Financial Needs

The final self assessment exercise in the CaTS battery involves an analysis of your financial needs, and the creation of a plan meet those needs..  This task probably sounds more daunting than it actually is, but it is critical in minimizing personal and family stress during your job search.

Think of it as a simple cash flow analysis, and answer the following questions:

  • What is my household’s monthly income (after tax, not gross)?
  • What is my household’s monthly cash outflow (mortgage, car payment, credit cards, etc.)?
  • If this analysis shows that current sources of income are not enough to meet your outflow, you can do one of two things:

Reduce discretionary spending
Identify other sources of cash, such as savings, investment portfolio, or a second mortgage, that can supplement your current income

Once you have developed a plan, it is critical that you have a budgeting process in place to limit monthly spending to an acceptable level

If you have further questions about financial planning or are struggling to put a plan together, please contact a member of the CaTS team.  We can help!

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