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11 Step Personal Job Search Plan

The CaTS process is meant to shorten the search process.  We firmly believe  that an individual who develops a personal job search plan is likely to make a quicker, more successful change. 

The job search plan is the key to keeping the job searcher directed, on track, and clearly articulating one’s core competencies and how to add value to an organization.

 A comprehensive, well thought out job search plan has eleven components, all of which must be worked tirelessly on the path through transition. For examples of each, see the 11 Step Job Search Plan in the header above.

  • Your Self Assessment 
    As the philosopher Homer once said, “Know thyself.”  That is the best place to begin any job search.

  • Your Written Job Plan
    The  CaTS team believes, "Your WRITTEN job plan is your key to a smoother transition."
  • Your Elevator Pitch
    Once you know your core competencies, key accomplishments, and how you add value to an organization, create a 30-second “sound bite” that summarizes those things.  Ideal for making new contacts and presenting yourself at networking meetings, as well as the perfect comeback for the question "Tell me about yourself."
  • Your Résumé
    Multiple articles and books have been written on this subject, many contradictory, but all claiming to offer the shortest path to success.  We offer you a few tips born of practical experience and proven to be effective.
  • Your Profile
    Your profile supplements your resume, highlighting among other things your targeted industries and organizations.  Perfect for use in group networking meetings.
  • Your Networking
    One of the cornerstones of any personal job search plan, networking is not about asking for a job, it’s about asking for information.
  • Your Interviewing
    Once you have found an opportunity, it’s time to sell yourself and your value! Some suggestions on how to prepare, what questions to anticipate, and how to communicate your core competencies and the value you bring to an organization.
  • Your Use of the Internet
    As with résumés, there are many different schools as to the best way to use the Internet in job search.  We offer some novel suggestions that have worked for  our team members.
  • Your Cover Letters
    ​Whether presented electronically or on paper, succinct and pithy communication is the key.
  • Your Job Search Management
    Job search, especially for those in transition, should be a full time, aggressive commitment. We provide some suggestions on how to manage the process.
  • Your Attitude
    Any kind of change, and particularly change of employment,  can be very stressful. It is critical to keep the situation in perspective and emotions under control.