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PAR Statements Examples

Digital Engineer, aeronautics:

BEFORE-- Designed and developed 5-channel flight control system for the Canadair CL-227 “Flying Peanut”. The Controller powered three electro-mechanical actuators, two magnetic clutches. The system was controlled by a serial data bus in communication with the autopilot.

AFTER-- (Problem) To lower manufacturing costs (Action), conceived, designed and built a prototype fin controller which incorporated the elimination of all discrete wiring, use of built-in test software and circuit simplification. Repackaged PC boards. (Result) Labor dropped from 43 to 16 hours saving $29,000 on initial order, lowered parts count 46 % and improved reliability.

Business Manager, chemical industry:

BEFORE-- Small Customer program increased sales $ 3 million per year with 50 % gross margin. Implemented strategy and sales program.

AFTER-- (Problem) To improve margins, (Action) performed detailed profit and margin analysis on customer base. Convinced both sales and distribution organizations to shift selling mix to smaller volume business. (Result) Small volume sales increased from $ 1 million to $ 6 million in three years at 50 % gross margin.


A major outplacement firm:

BEFORE-- Drove organizational transformation of Sales Department to address current and future customer needs. Instituted Sales Development Departments, Cross-Functional Retail Selling Teams, and Channel Development and Category Management initiatives.

AFTER-- (Problem) To improve our competitive position, (Action) restructured sales department by instituting HQ-based sales support functions and cross-functional selling teams. Implemented a channel development and category management strategy. Staffed and trained two new departments. (Result) Improved key customer processes and relationships, accelerated annual volume growth from flat to + 6 %.


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