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Andrew Martin
244 Brookfield Road

Redding, CT, 06840
(203) 555 1330                    


Andrew is an experienced business professional and Harvard MBA who works with companies to grow revenue and profit through “SPOT ON” marketing performance…  “SPOT ON" being Strategy, Planning, Operations and Tactics.  Target companies are those in the B2B or B2C space facing significant challenges in setting the right Strategy and aligning their Planning, Operations and Tactics.
Having grown products and services in over 20 categories on over 50 individual brands, Andrew has successfully set strategy and aligned planning, operations and tactics for B2B and B2C products and services spanning Fortune 500, mid-sized, entrepreneurial and family-owned companies.  

  • A company has a killer product / service, but needs strategy and structure to scale and grow.
  • A mature business faces margin pressure, with no clear path to restoring margin growth.
  • Market conditions have changed, and a company is not sure how best to compete and win.
  • A business is not differentiating itself from its competitors and risks becoming a commodity.
  • A fast-growing business doesn’t have the time to plan or assure aligned marketing activities.


  • Drove 20% CAGR by analyzing market, defining strategy, building marketing infrastructure.
  • Maintained 15% margin despite ongoing price erosion through planning and P & L tracking.
  • Eliminated $10 million in annual losses in 3 years by repositioning B2B products division.
  • Increased sales by 8%, added $7 million to bottom line by leveraging B2C CPG portfolio.
  • Repositioned bank to leverage distribution footprint by assessing financial services market.
  • Grew sales by $400 million over 8 years by creating, implementing B2C value strategy.


REAL GROWTH PARTNERS, New Canaan, CT        1999 – 2001, 2004 – 2006, 2014 - Present                     

Strategic business consultant growing client revenue and profit.
Strategically re-positioned Wilton, CT B2B services company and led tactical implementation.
Facilitated transition of CT financial institution from depository to financial services provider. 

ATLAS HOLDING, Hartford, CT                                                                                       2006 - 2014

Fast-growing recovery audit provider, focused on Healthcare and Retail payment integrity.
Senior Vice President – Marketing and Strategy
Led marketing and strategic planning for this privately-held company, with 7-member marketing, proposal development, event planning and business development support group.  Clients included six of the eight largest healthcare insurers and 18 of the top 20 US retailers.  Member of 9-member Executive Committee, which included the owners and was responsible for governance.
Quintupled revenue over 7 years by leveraging a unique understanding of strategic marketing and healthcare / retail industry trends to maximize the Atlas business model.
Re-positioned and re-branded Atlas in the marketplace, Identifying brand essence and executing aligned messaging to increase client “stickiness” and counter eroding prices.
Grew Healthcare divisional revenue tenfold during a 7-year period by managing Healthcare division marketing and strategic planning.
Generated $ 100 million in annual revenue by overseeing CMS Medicare RFP response that won the 2009 – 2013 contract, auditing 14 states or over one-third of the total US.

Andrew Martin

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Targeted investment in new growth opportunities by quantifying and evaluating existing service portfolio and adjacent segments such as chart review, hospital credit balance, high-cost pharmaceutical audits, and contract compliance.

Reorganized the marketing group to maintain client retention and attract new business by providing value-added, brand-building services including dedicated division resources, a re-designed web site, thought leadership and social media platform. 

MARCAL, INC., Elmwood Park, NJ                                                                             2003 – 2004

$250 million per year manufacturer of consumer / commercial tissue products.
Vice President – Marketing
Led marketing effort for 225-SKU business with 10-member marketing, marketing services, customer service, and sales administration group.  Brands included Marcal, Sofpac, Fluff-Out, and Bella.  Major customers included Pathmark, ShopRite, CVS, and Staples. 
Refined corporate strategy to address cash flow issues, expanding the distribution base via value-priced products and recycled fiber content in Marcal’s core Northeast market.
Facilitated transition from standard cost / fully allocated business model to contribution margin driven business model, increasing cash margins to better absorb high fixed costs.
Increased annual revenue by $ 6 million in the face of spiking costs by improving price controls and directing price increases across all business segments. 

WAUSAU CORPORATION, Rhinelander, WI                                                              2001 – 2003
$1 billion per year manufacturer of specialty paper, printing and writing paper, and tissue. 

Vice President – Specialty Paper
Led B2B marketing/sales effort for $225 million Rhinelander, WI and Jay, ME production facilities, with 27-member marketing, sales, new product development, and customer service group.
Stanched a $ 10 million annual loss by re-positioning division from a producer of commodity products to a customer-centered supplier of value-added, custom niche products.
Generated $ 10 million-plus in first year revenues by guiding sales to penetrate major customers including Avery and Raflatac with a major product introduction. 

FORT JAMES CORPORATION, Norwalk, CT                                                             1997 – 1999
$6 billion per year manufacturer of consumer / commercial tissue, cups, and cutlery.            Formed by the 1997 merger of James River Corporation and Fort Howard Corporation. 

Vice President – Customer Brands / Private Label
Led $309 million, 21 million case, 600-SKU unit responsible for marketing and sales of private label products to thirty major retailers and wholesalers.  Supervised 12-member group.  

FORT HOWARD CORPORATION, Green Bay, WI                                                     1989 – 1997
$1.5 billion per year manufacturer of consumer / commercial tissue.
Vice President – Consumer Marketing
Led $648 mil, 41 mil case, 450-SKU, 21-member unit branded and private label product unit.

MBA, Marketing, Harvard Graduate School of Business
BA, History / Education, Dartmouth College