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Your Use of the Internet

The internet is a powerful tool in job search, but it should be used judiciously.

There are two ways the internet can assist you in your campaign.  First, you can use it to conduct research. Second, you can use it to find and apply to jobs.  Let’s address each one.

Using the Internet to Conduct Research

We cannot over-emphasize the importance in job search of:

  • Targeting the right industries
  • Targeting the right companies

  • Networking with the right individuals
  • Preparing for the right interviews

The internet makes these things easier to do than ever before.  Some information sources to consider are the web sites of:

  • General reference services like
  • Business information services like and
  • Internet search engines like and
  • Salary data like
  • Industry, company, and career resources like,,, and
  • Specific industry trade associations.
  • Individual companies.  

But remember, you are on the internet to do research, not to surf.  So be sure to stay focused!

Using the Internet to Find and Apply to Jobs

Using the internet to conduct research is pretty straightforward.  But using it to find and apply to jobs is both more complex and more challenging..  Consider the following:

The odds of landing a position via the internet are less than 10%.  In fact, one CaTS team member reports that only one was sourced through the Internet.  Another team member reports that only 4 % of all positions are filled through the web.  Therefore, it is essential that you use the internet to complement, not replace, other critical job search activities, especially networking.  Many experts suggest that you conduct internet job search outside of normal office hours, because that is when you should be attempting to make as many personal contacts as possible.

That said, the internet as a source of job listings cannot be ignored.  There are so many job boards out there that it would be sheer folly to try to put a comprehensive list on the CaTS web site.  So, we have done the next best thing by providing you with these links:

Click here to see a short list of some of the largest and most popular job sites.
Click here to see a much more exhaustive listing of job boards available.

Many of these web sites offer you the opportunity to:

  • Post your resume
  • Search the data base for opportunities that meet your specific industry, function, management level, and geographical criteria.
  • Apply for jobs currently posted
  • Receive e-mail alerts when new positions meeting your criteria are posted

Please be aware of the fact that, once you post your resume on line, your personal information is "out there" and you have no control over who might see it or what they might do with it.  If you are currently employed, this is an important consideration to keep in mind.
To get a feel for which job boards are right for you, visit a number of them, understand their services, and register on the ones that match the objectives in your Written Job Plan.  Don’t get crazy here--  limit the number of sites that you post on and visit regularly to a maximum of fifteen.
​Once you have developed your list of target companies, an additional resource is the individual web sites of those companies.  Not only can you learn more about the company, but often you can browse available openings and apply to the ones that fit.

When applying to a position via the internet, the CaTS team suggests that you do the following:

  • Apply only to those jobs that are a tight fit with your strengths, core competencies, and experience.
  • Always include a cover e-mail, stating succinctly why you are a tight fit for the position description.  Click here to see one suggested format for your cover e-mail.
  • Always include your resume as a Word document attachment, so that the e-mail recipient can open the document easily. 

The world wide web can be an important ally to you in your job search.  Use it wisely!